What Sales Pros Can Learn From Olympic Athletes: Seven Characteristics of a Winner

What are the characteristics of a winner whether in sales or in swimming? Read on to learn from Olympic kayaker and retired Olympic swimming coach, Bill Jewell as he shares his insights from working with top swimmers and how seven characteristics of these winners parallels the seven characteristics of top sales professionals.

Good Life Style

Olympic winners always choose a good life style that focuses on their health, well being, and positive mental attitude. They avoid any behavior that can limit their success, including poor food choices, poor attitudes, and negative influences.

Sales winners understand that a good life style supports their sharp thinking and physical endurance to be a tough competitor. The choose healthy meals, positive attitudes, and forward-looking influences.

What adjustments do you need to make to your lifestyle to be a consistent winner?


Olympic champions are born competitors. They hate to lose and will do anything within their power to win the game. They are always sizing up the competition and making adjustments to their approach to stay on top.

Sales champions step into the competition with excitement and enthusiasm. They act like born competitors. They know the competitors strengths and weakness so that they can minimize the strengths and take advantage of the weaknesses.

What do you need to do to become more competitive?

Not Intimidated

Olympic athletes are never intimidated by their competitors. They expect for their opponents to be aggressive and challenge them; it’s part of the game. They often play their own mind games with their competitors. Remember six-time gold medalist, Amy Van Dyken spitting in her competitor’s lane before the sprints in Sydney? Harmless, but intimidating.

Sales professionals aren’t intimidated by their competitors. In sales, the competition can be quite fierce and sometimes quite vicious; it’s part of the sales game.

What do you need to do to not ever be intimidated by your competitors?

Train, Train, Train

Olympic superstars continuously train. In the world of the Olympics, the difference between a gold medal and no medal can be hundredths of a second. Any physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual edge can make the winning difference. So training never stops.

Sales superstars always train and practice. They rehearse their sales presentations until they are flawless. They practice managing objections until they become second nature. They practice executive conversations until they can talk like a peer.

What do you need to practice to improve your ability to be a sales superstar?

Consistent Performance

Olympic medalists perform consistently. They don’t have bad days. Now, some days are better than others, yet they show up for every meet, every practice, and every competition prepared, ready to go, with no excuses. They always race at their best and it shows.

Sales winners consistently perform. Like the winning Olympians, they never have a bad day. They always do what’s necessary to meet their quotas month after month. They are always at their best and their customers count on it, refusing to do business with any body else.

What do you need to do to increase your sales consistency? (Hint: check out other articles for ideas.)

Masters of Strategy

Top Olympians have mastered the strategy of their sport. They know exactly how to plan and then use technique and tactics to bring home the gold. As the game develops, they continue to adapt and adopt to stay the leader of the pack.

Top sales professionals have mastered sales strategies. They know that the average sales person has a bag of tricks but few strategies. Pros adapt and adopt as market conditions change and as competitors try new things.

What do you need to do to improve your strategic mastery?

Never-ending Quest for Knowledge

Olympic winners continuously seek knowledge in their game. They read about their competitors. They study videos. They seek out research that can enhance their performance. They never stop looking for every way possible to be the best in the world.

Sales winners continuously seek sales and competitive knowledge to be at the top of their industry. They study the competition. They study sales training. They study their products. They look for every way possible to be the best in their business.

What do you need to do to continuously learn?

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Thanks to Bill Jewell for the inspiration.

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