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Your Key Sales Resource: How to Develop Your Resourceful Sales Attitude

As a sales professional, you may be concerned about limited resources provided by your company. You might feel that you need more leads, more prospects, and more sales. 

Yet your job is to find more customers with the resources you have right now. Read on to learn how to develop your key sales resource.

Your Resourceful Attitude

Companies value a sales professional with a resourceful attitude. This means that you are going to use everything within your power to find business, take business away from your competition, and create value with every customer.

A slight shift in attitude can take you a long way. Instead of thinking, “I don’t have anything to work with,” make a list of the resources you do have right now. Brainstorming a list of resources can help you get unstuck and out of a sales rut.

To get you started here are a few resources to consider.

Who Can You Call Today?

One of your resources is who you know. I’ll bet that you have at least ten people that you haven’t talked with in the past month that you can check in with. It’s time to do that.

One seasoned sales pro told me that his cell phone contact list is his goldmine. While waiting in line, waiting for appointments, waiting for anything, he reviews his list to recall people who he hasn’t talked with for a while. He calls them and says, “I was just thinking about you! I’ve got some great news. But first, what are you up to these days?”

His great news is always about the current special, promotion, or new product introduction. He adjusts his message to his customers response so that it’s relevant to what they’re paying attention to right now.

What News Can You Share?

One of your resources is industry insight. I’ll bet that you could write an article about trends in your industry that your contacts would enjoy reading. You can you take thirty minutes to crank out 300 words about what’s happening in the next six months that your customers need to pay attention to or may miss something important. Make it a white paper. Turn it into a e-newsletter. Put it on your blog.

You may wish to review some of my articles to get inspiration on how to do this. Just remember, the first draft won’t be perfect, just get it out of your brain so that you have something to work with.

For example, if you’re expecting product shortages (such as disk drives in winter of 2011) let your customers know so that they can plan. If there is an upcoming trade show that customers need to know about, let them know. Perhaps you can offer them free admission to the event. If there are upcoming price increases on products, supplies, or accessories, let your customers know so that they can stock up at the lower price.

Put this on your to-do list and let me know what you write about.

Who is Happy With You Right Now?

One of your resources is satisfied customers. They will remind you of how good you are and can give you a better ego boost than your boss. If you don’t have any customers, call your mother.

If they compliment you, say, “Thank you! Who can you think of that can benefit from working with us?” With a bit of luck, you’ll get a referral on the spot. Instant resources!

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