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CompetitionProof and Social Media


CompetitionProof means creating relationships that can’t be attacked by competitors. And the tighter the emotional connections with your customers, the more difficult it will be for a competitor to get in.

The good news is that it’s easier than ever to create emotional connections with social media. We can share personal  information that in the past we wouldn’t have time, nor the inclination, to disclose.

For example, one of my audience members who friended me on FaceBook has become a voracious cook (like me) posting  recipes and bakes cookies for her clients (what a great idea!). I would have never known this without social media. I feel  connected and it only takes a few seconds to maintain that connection.

The same goes for companies that I do business with that I watch on FaceBook. I’m much more likely to buy from them because I’ve developed an affinity and loyalty through our social interaction. It’s probably true for you.

So ask your clients to join you on LinkedIn, follow you via Twitter, watch your tech tutorials on YouTube, read your articles on Digg, check your blog, and even like you on Facebook. Sure, not everyone will oblige. Yet social network sites are visited by more than 80% of the U.S.!

I recommend that you use LinkedIn for professional clients, FaceBook for friends, FaceBook fan pages for clients, Digg, YouTube, your blog (I’m loving Posterous), and Twitter for the general population. Of course, interlink and cross post because people use them in various ways.

Make sure that your post has at least two of the following attributes for your target audience: entertaining, educational, emotional, and evocative.

Check FaceBook daily (be careful, some people become addicted). Make a post to LinkedIn three times a week. Tweet several times a day. Write an article or blog post a week. Total time required; about 90 minutes a week.

I do this waiting in line, filling five minutes before a meeting, and so forth, using my iPhone. I do sit down to write this blog, though.

And before you know it you’ll have many fans and followers, every one of them making you more and more CompetitionProof.

P.S. Never post after cocktails. Even though you can delete a post, you can never completely recall it from cyberspace because the search engines grab it almost immediately.