Say Something Meaningful

Passing through the Denver airport I noticed a sign that struck me because I couldn’t understand what the advertiser was trying to tell me. I took a picture. Maybe you can tell me what it means.


On the other hand, I saw another sign that was clear and compelling, with a value proposition that appeals to travelers. (E470 is the tollroad around the east of Denver and can knock off 20 minutes from a commute during rush hour).


Two extremes in messaging effectiveness in just a few hundred feet.

How are you messaging to your customers? Say something meaningful and be CompetitionProof.

What do you think?

UPDATE: In Phoenix I saw a great billboard from the YMCA. Text YMCA to 30364 and get a free two week pass. That’s great response marketing. You can use a different code for each billboard to track effectiveness and your prospective customer gets a real deal.

UPDATE: For more great ideas about this topic, see Don Cooper’s blog on`14 Things Your Prospect Doesn’t Care About!