Exciting or Forgettable? You Decide!

Customers, in general, are attracted to exciting situations. It’s inevitable, given the fact that the average American watches about five hours of television a day, their excitement level is set by Hollywood. (You might be thinking, Mark, I don’t watch that much TV. I know! Someone is watching your share.)

While we may not be able to compete with the latest hit show, we can bring excitement to our customer interactions. No, I’m not talking about gun fights and sirens or explosions and drama.

What I am talking about is being positively excited about your offerings, your business, your customers, and your people. This creates differentiation in ways that the competition can’t detect. For example, Rudy’s BBQ (Rudys.com) recently opened a restaurant in our neighborhood. The place is always buzzing and the people seem genuinely excited about cutting and serving barbecue. Other BBQ restaurants in the area have empty parking lots while Rudy’s is always full.

If you can’t get excited about what you sell, you become forgettable and open to competitive attack. If you really can’t get excited, then it’s time to find something to get excited about. Life is too amazing to be forgettable.

Your Offerings

Get excited about what you sell by talking with happy customers. Ask this question anytime that a customer complements you or thanks you: “Tell me what you like best about us?” This gives you the words you need to pass on the excitement and a positive feeling when you talk with your next prospect.  

You can pass on the positive energy by using this phrase: “My customers tell me that what they like best about us is…” and completing the sentence with the customer kudos that you’ve collected. By referencing your customers, you share the excitement without sounding like you’re bragging.

Your Business

Want to get excited about your business? Think about all of the good that you’ve done for your customers. Think of all the good that your business has done for the employees. Think of all the good that your company has done for the community. Think of all the good that your company has done for the economy? (For example, we were just calculating that we’ve contributed to the sale of billions of dollars of IT. That gets me excited.)

Your Customers

I get excited when I work with customers. Sure, there are those who are less fun than others, but in general, I get to work with really bright people who really care about what they do. And I bet that you do, too. Feel excited about the adventure that each customer situation brings. When you show up excited to connect with your customer, they can feel it, and often will reflect the excitement back to you.

Your People

I’m talking about is the team you work with. How can you get excited about your team? Perhaps you share and celebrate their successes. Perhaps you support their hobbies and passions. Maybe you cheer them on to a new goal. All of this contributes to the excitement in your organization and bleeds over to your customers who can feel it at every contact point.

Search for ways to find and spread excitement and you’ll never be forgettable. And this means you’re CompetitionProof.