Customer Recognition Makes You CompetitionProof

You’ve seen them when you visit companies, the plaques on the walls declaring them the “Customer of the Month” or even “Customer of the Year.” Maybe it’s an “In Appreciation…” plaque recognizing meritorious service or excellence in some activity.

Often they are displayed proudly in the lobby or along heavily-traveled corridors or even in an executive’s office. Each of these plaques is a silent testament to the commitment that one organization has made to another. They are ever-present advertising and marketing on the customer’s walls.

The accompanying award ceremony involving executives from both companies, often over a shared meal or during an important meeting serves to reinforce the relationship and can create a new level of personal commitment.

So put this on your list of things to do: inaugurate a customer recognition program. Don’t skimp on the reward nor the ceremony. When you make customers feel important, you’ll be CompetitionProof.


Here is the biggest customer award I’ve ever seen! It sits in the lobby of the Ingram Micro office in Buffalo, NY. It was awarded to Ingram Micro for being the first distributor to sell (use your Dr. Evil accent…) one billion dollars (resume normal voice) of HP hardware. Thanks to Tom Jones (no, not the singer) for snapping the pics.