Creating Value and Selling Against Higher Price Competition

How do you remain CompetitionProof in the face of lower-price competition? In these days of increasing competition, it seems that we all face more price competition.

The way to combat lower-priced competition is to clearly establish your value with your customer. That means first understanding what is valuable to your customer and then making sure that they know that you deliver that value.

Next, you need to be able to resist the pricing pressure by responding to the typical negotiating strategies that customers have been taught. You need to use anti-negotiation tactics.

I just delivered a one hour program on these topics to an IT-focused client in Las Vegas and I think you’ll appreciate these CompetitionProof ideas. 

Download the handout and listen to the audio. (Yes, I know the audio is not the best quality, but it’s good enough for you to get the key points.)

Listen and become CompetitionProof.

Here’s the program description:

If you’re like most resellers, you’ve noticed increasing pricing pressures. It’s coming from customers with smaller budgets, from other resellers with shrinking sales, and from other channels who want your customers. It sometimes feels like you can’t get paid what you’re worth. 

If you’re going to prosper and grow, you’ve got to be able to position yourself, your company, and your solutions in a new way, helping your customer see the real value that you bring to the table. In this session you’ll discover how. Here are the topics you’ll learn about: 

·         Creating Real Customer Value: Each customer sees value in a slightly different way. Learn how to identify what’s valuable and what to charge for it. Many sales people miss this one and pay for it in lower-priced sales.

·         How to Position and Defend Your Value: Although you may have a strong position, you’ll have to defend it. You’ll discover how.

·         Why it’s Not Really About Price: Learn why customers really use price as a negotiating weapon and how to turn that to your advantage.

·         When and How to Fire Customers: The fastest way to find better customers is to fire your worse ones. You’ll know how to identify them, how to move them on, and how to replace them.

·         How to Make Your Prices Stick: What you can do to make your quotes become highly resistant to downward price negotiations. Use this strategy on your next deal to keep your prices intact.