CompetitionProof Happens After the Sale

Most sales pros don’t ever consider the competition after a customer buys. “We got the deal!” sales people celebrate. And then they’re off to the next “deal.”

The real deal is this: the first sale is a down payment on a lifetime of sales from a satisfied customer. And that customer can stop payment at anytime they choose. (Thank you, David Garfinkel for that insight.

It’s not just about beating your competitors with price, availability, features, brand, and customer experience. It’s not just about delivering what your customers want, the way they want it, at the price they want, when they want. Most successful organizations do that now.

It’s about continuing to bring them what they want even before they know that they want it. That means regular meetings with your customers to keep them your customers, even if they don’t have money to spend. If you wait until they have budget to reconnect, you’ll be back in the fight with your competition. You want to capture the budget before it’s available and before anyone else finds out about it.

And with that insider information, you’re CompetitionProof.