Borrow My Bike: How To Get More Sales By Making It Personal

How can you make your sales calls more impactful? What can you do to make your customer conversation more meaningful and create a strong relationship? Read on to learn how Robert Ciglar uses the concept of “Borrow My Bike” to increase sales at his business.


Robert Ciglar, Entrepreneur and Master of CompetitionProof

Robert is a computer engineer who has worked for Microsoft, HP, Cisco, and other major companies. He recently decided that he’d rather pursue his passion for the outdoors and joined forces with friends to open a series of bicycle shops called Cult.

There are lots of competitors in bicycle retailing, so a new shop must have a different twist to create demand and attract customers. Robert uses everything he knows about sales and marketing and applies it to his shops. Here are a few of his unique sales methods.

Borrow My Bike

All shop employees have bicycles that they got to purchase at a deep discount. In exchange for that discount, they loan their personal bicycle to prospects.

When a prospect is looking at a bike, Robert will say, “This is very much like mine. Would you like to borrow my bike and try it out? I’ll make a few simple adjustments and you can take it for a ride.”

Of course prospects are impressed and flattered that he lets them use his bicycle, creating a better relationship.

What can you personally loan to your customers that will increase your relationship?

Open the Package

When a prospect asks about an accessory or product, Robert immediately opens the package and hands it to them so that they can inspect it. Since Robert knows that demos sell, he’s confident that customers will buy once they feel comfortable with the quality and functionality. And if they don’t, most products can easily go back in the package or can be sold outside of the package.


Robert and Employee Discussing Customer Needs

This is much like sampling, where a customer gets a taste of a product before they buy it. Savvy sales pros know that sampling sells.

How can you “open the package” or “do a demo” or use sampling to increase your sales?

Personalize Everything

Robert has special equipment to measure the body dimensions of his prospects. With this information, he can quickly select the correct bicycle and adjust it to fit their unique requirements. This instantly makes the bicycle more comfortable, more functional, and easier to ride.


Measurement Tools to Personalize a Cult Bicycle

In the process, it becomes very difficult for a prospect to go to another bicycle shop that can’t do this level of customization, eliminating much of his competition.

How can you bring a new level of personalization to your sales, eliminating competition and increasing your sales success?

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