Monthly Archives: June 2010

Find CompetitionProof Examples All Around

One of the best ways to learn about CompetitionProof principles is to find them in your life. When someone you buy from does something that makes you less likely to do business with their competitor, you’ve just experienced CompetitionProof in action.

For example, I was in Louisville, Kentucky last week (delivering a speech) and I stayed at the East Side Marriott. It’s an older hotel, enduring maybe 25 years of public abuse, so it’s not a stunner–nothing to write home about.

But, when I arrived in my room after dinner, on the desk was a nice note from the hotel manager, signed in ink (I did the “spit test”–you know, rub a bit of saliva on the signature to see if it smears, meaning it’s signed by a person, not a printer).

Along with the note was a key chain of a leaping horse. Nice! This simple, and cheap, gesture went a long way to turning a mediocre experience into something memorable.

And that’s CompetitionProof in action!

What have you experienced that’s CompetitionProof?