Monthly Archives: March 2010

CompetitionProof is About Passion…

CompetitionProof is about your passion for the business and transferring that passion to your customers–you must love what you do and who you sell to. Are you doing what you want to be doing for the next ten years? If not, find something that you can get excited about.

Choose customers who need what you do, value what you do, and are willing to pay you well for what you do. If your customers don’t meet all three of those criteria, then they aren’t good customers, and you can’t create a CompetitionProof relationship.

Figure out who you can serve well–at a good profit–that you’ll want to serve for a long time. You can count on customers fleeing from your business if they sense that you don’t want their business.

Choose customers who you want to do business with for the next ten years and then create a plan to do business with them for the next decade.